NOVEMBER 15, 2018




The meeting was called to order at 1:19 P.M. by President Chris Gould.  A Motion to accept the Minutes of the General Meeting from August 30, 2018, as posted on the QCLGA Website was made by Alice Dyke and seconded by Vivian Parle.  Motion passed and Minutes were approved.


President:  Chris Gould

·         Chris thanked everyone involved for the Board’s accomplishments over the past two years.  Our January 2017 Survey feedback provided direction from the members as to what the Board wished to accomplish: (1) Increase communication avenues and (2) ensure all member inclusiveness.  The weekly News Blast and Golf Genius continue to provide timely lines of communication, in addition to our QCLGA website, and much more information is being pushed out to the members.  Many ladies who had not previously run a tournament or event have stepped up to provide leadership for our many annual activities.  Ladies’ playday turnout has been good.  Thanks for everyone’s support through 2017 and 2018.

·         Special thanks to Joel Jaress and Barb Erickson for organizing the offsite golf outing to Tubac during overseed.  Everyone reported having a great time.

·         Thank you Ronnee Epstein, Tommy Reid, Beth Davis and Mary Lynne Fisher for volunteering to be on the Nominating Committee and for our fine slate of officers for 2019.

·         The December 13 Holiday Luncheon is being organized by JoAnn Salazar and Kris Weinberg to celebrate the success of club members and RBC’s.  The Presidential gavel will also be passed during the Holiday gathering.

·         The following are some items taken from the September and October Green Committee meetings:

o   Golf rounds were down in August by 400.

o   The overseed prep was started early, but unfortunately had to be redone due to the inordinate amount of rain received.

o   JR’s golf course commitment is:

§  The green surrounds will be at least double the width of last year corresponding to two mower widths, more on some holes.

§  Rough will be left at 2 inches and some areas will be chained to prevent cart traffic damaging the rough.  Reminder: do not drive in the rough except for access and egress.

§  The width of over-seeded fairways will be reduced from the current playing width.

§  The gate system will be in use.  Once through the gate you must stay on the fairway until exiting through the gate on the way to the green,

o   There is a need to increase revenue from golf next year.  The primary changes for 2019 will be restructuring the pricing system based on Tiers of Membership that will each include additional benefits designed to provide greater value to golfers. 

·         The November 7th Golf Forum held in the Madera Ballroom included a golf operations overview from JR and a presentation by Joel of the pricing proposal which needs POA approval prior to publication.

Vice President:  JoAnn Salazar

·         Thanks to everyone for participating and volunteering to make the Cowgirl up for Charity event a success.  A heartfelt thank you to Joel too for all his efforts.  He donated a golf lesson and helped secure golf courses for door prizes, as well as for scoring the 18 hole event.  

·         There were 76 players in the 18-hole event, 56 players in the 9-hole event, 16 putters and 10 people for lunch only, as well as five ladies from the charities who purchased lunch bringing the total of participants to 151.

·         The total donations to the four charities was $12,502.00. The Split the Pot raffle raised $1500 with each charity receiving $188 and four QC ladies receiving $187 each.

·         The next Charity tournament will be held on October 31, 2019.  Save the date and be sure to mark your calendars.

·         The Board has received a suggestion asking that anyone speaking at a QCLGA luncheon and/or meeting please use a microphone.  The Executive Board took this under advisement and agreed with the suggestion that in the future, all speakers, whether making a report, asking a question, or responding to a question, will use a microphone.

Secretary:  Lynda Detman - No Report

Treasurer:  Paula Scafuri

·         QCLGA has 135 members.

·         As of October 31, 2018, QCLGA has a bank balance of $ 12,029.40

·         AWGA is in the process of changing its membership renewal process for 2019.  You will be encouraged to go online to renew handicap fees, QCLGA dues, RBC’s (Ringers, Birdies, Chip-Ins), and SDWGA (Southern District) membership and pay with a credit card.  Stay tuned for further information regarding when to actually go online to renew.

·         On behalf of QCLGA, a $125.00 donation was made to the Quail Creek Employee Appreciation Event being held on December 3rd.

·         As the year comes to a close, it would be appreciated if all committee chairpersons and members please bundle your year-end expenses together with an expense form for reimbursement.  Then, only one check will need to be written out of QCLGA funds instead of several checks for smaller amounts.

Tournament Chair:  Bonny Wilcox

·         Thanks to all the ladies who participated in our events even though there were cart path restrictions.  As a reminder, if we have less than 40 golfers participating on Thursday, we will only be using the front nine as tee assignments.  If we have 40 or more golfers, we can use the entire course.  Please sign up to play!

·         A Special Thank You to Barbara Erickson for running the Cowgirl Up for Charity Golf Tournament.  We had 76 participants playing 18 holes and everyone enjoyed the day.

·         Joel will announce the winner the 2018 Club Championship, who will receive a $100 gift card from the QCLGA.  All other winners, will receive their winnings on their North Star account.

·         Participation in our 3-day events has been steadily declining either because of other commitments (especially on Tuesdays) or lack of interest in individual competition. The Committee has tried Thursday, Thursday, Thursday with even less success because it stretches over three weeks.  To guide your 2019 Board, Bonny asked for a show of hands on how many think we need to (1) keep the three day (54 hole) individual events (i.e., Club Championship, President’s Cup and Individual Match Play); (2) replace some of these individual events with team events; and/or (3) change them to a 2 day/36 hole event? 

·         The 2019 Calendar has been set up on Golf Genius.  Because this is a new entity all of you will be asked to re-register for 2019.  For those of you who use the GGID Number for access instead of your email and password, the GGID is changing for 2019.  The new GGID Number is GPQVWA.  If you want to access any of the 2019 information, you must re-register and use this identifier or your email and password (which can remain the same).  Bonny will send out an email from GG informing you of this requirement.

·         Bonny also asked for a show of hands on moving to morning shotguns in the winter of 2020?  Your 2019 Board will discuss this potential change if there is enough interest.

·         A reminder that when we have afternoon shotguns, the results will not be out until the following day.  (Thursday event, results out Friday afternoon)

·         The 2019 Tournament Committee members are Bonny Wilcox (Chair), Barbara Erickson, Deb Riddell, Karen Stensrud.

·        Bonny would be happy to help anyone needing extra help navigating the Golf Genius Portal.

Past President/Robson Challenge: Gail Phillips

·         Robson Challenge was Monday, November 12 at Saddlebrooke Ranch.

·         The winner was Saddlebrooke Ranch.  Quail Creek placed fourth.

·         Thanks to Karen Stensrud, Bonny Wilcox, Sherry Morris, Alice Dyke, Jacquie Owens, Peg Avent, Cheryl Collyer, Sonia Heeren, Chris Gould, Judy Murray, Gail Phillips and Kandi Roy.

·         The 2019 Robson Challenge will be hosted by Mountainview/Preserve and 2020 by Quail Creek.


Handicap:  Nancy Hoppe – No Report

Rules & Regulations:  Mary Campbell-Jones

·         In Alternate Shot, if a player forgets and taps in a putt she missed, that ball must be replaced so her partner can putt it into the hole.  If you correct the error right away there is a 2 stroke penalty.   If you don't correct it and go on to the next hole and play or, if it is your last hole and you leave the course, you are disqualified.

·         Mary has ordered 2019 USGA Rule Books.  Please, if you already received one at the recent Rules Seminar, or if you are USGA Member and will receive one in the mail, do not take a second copy.

·         Check out the rules video link on major changes that has appeared in The Blast.  You can also go to the USGA website to watch videos on the new rules.  Don’t depend on someone else in your group to know the new rules!

Birdies/Ringers/Chip-Ins:  Kris Weinberg

·         Today was the last day for 2018 RBC’s.  They will not be posted until after December 13 Holiday Luncheon.

Hole-in-One Club:  Cheryl Collyer

·         I'm reporting that we have two new members who have joined the HIO:  Dena Knox and Brenda Allred 

·         46 ladies as of November 8, 2018 

Hospitality: Dianne Turner and Ronnee Epstein

·         New members:  Marie Cook, Robin Brannan, Patrish Bergamo, Roz Harrison, Kate Schwartz, Pat Crane, Brenda Allred, Kathy Volnik, Bobby Jo Rathvon, Dena Knox, Kathy Coleman, Roz Harrison,.

Webmaster:  Irene Payne - No Report

AWGA/SDWGA: Justine Lewis – No Report

Publicity:  Terri Erickson – No Report

Interclub:  Peg Avent, Cathy Nelms – No Report

Awards:  Lindsay Dickinson – No Report

Junior Golf – No Report


·         Club Championship:  Joel Jaress

o   Joel announced all of today’s winners and Bonny Wilcox is our 2018 Club Champion.

o   Please see Golf Genius Portal for all results.


·         According to Article IV, Sec. 3 of our by-laws, we want to welcome our new 2019 QCLGA Board:

o    President:  Jacquie Owens

o   Vice President:  Peg Avent

o   Secretary:  Dian Simmons

o   Treasurer:  Sandi Hrovatin

o   Tournament Chair:  Bonny Wilcox

NEW BUSINESS:  Chris Gould

·         Many ladies have confirmed their acceptance of chair positions for 2019.  The 2019 Board will be looking for a few more, so please be open and receptive when asked.

·         The first Special Event of 2019 is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” scheduled for January 24 and Sharon Schoen volunteered to help Bonny.

·         Marie Cook and Betty Martens won the prize drawings for the day’s participation.


Holiday Luncheon is December 13, 2018.  Please have your checks turned in by December 7 at noon.


Motion to Adjourn the General Meeting was made by Jacquie Owens and seconded by Vivian Parle.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 2:04 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Lynda Detman




AUGUST 30, 2018




The meeting was called to order at 11:30 A.M. by Vice President JoAnn Salazar.  A Motion to accept the Minutes of the General Meeting from May 24, 2018, as posted on the QCLGA Website was made by Cathy Nelms and seconded by Beth Davis.  Motion passed and Minutes were approved.


President:  JoAnn Salazar for Chris Gould

·         Congratulations go out to Bonny Wilcox, Peg Avent, Sharon Hayes Jacquie Owens, Sandi Hrovatin, Kathy Stotz and Kandi Roy for placing first in their respective flights of the three-day Individual Match play competition on May 17, 22nd and 24th.

·         In June our number of play days were minimal due to the continuing planned work on our golf course.  There have been positive results.  As Bonny will review later, our No Frills Member Guest was highly successful thanks to Bonny and her Team.

·         The July schedule has been steady with a good player turnout, even with the elevated heat.  Several qualifying rounds for the State Medallion and Robson Challenge, plus Interclub have been held.

·         A special thanks to Joel Jaress, Doug Detman and Bonny Wilcox for arranging the golf tournament on the Fourth of July.  There were 120 participants.

·         The ladies representing the QCLGA in the Interclub games this summer have played well and increased our standings.  Thanks to Peg and Cathy Nelms for organizing each team and a very successful Interclub match at Quail Creek on August 16.

·         27 ladies took advantage of the Desert Hills invitation to meet other ladies and play their course yesterday.  QCLGA looks forward to reciprocating in the future. 

·         As an overview of the July 2nd Green Meeting, the following are some items taken from the Green Committee:

o   Sapphire spray is the product used to kill off the rye grass which needs to be done each year, in order to allow the Bermuda grass to grow for our winter play.  The timing of this strategy is right before the Monsoon season, which can be difficult to predict.  The system is continuing to be fine tuned to give all golfers the best playing conditions possible.

o   Not filling divots and repairing pitch marks continues to be an issue.  Please fill/repair your own plus other that you see. 

o   At the end of 2018 there will be two openings on the Green Committee.  Ralph Scafuri has started advertising the openings and all interested parties are encouraged to submit their volunteer application.  (See QC HOA website and What’s Happening)

o   If less than four players are in a tee time slot, the Pro Shop has been instructed to fill those slots if possible.

°         Red Stakes - Coyote 4 and Road Runner 9
The addition of the lateral hazard red stakes on the right side of these fairways is a test being conducted by Joel and the golf leagues.  Your input is welcome.

°         The third sand top dressing on all courses has been completed. This sand top dressing project will be a part of our yearly maintenance for at least the next 5 years. 

°         Because of the apparent excellent results on the RR course, Green Committee discussed a policy of shutting down each nine for a two-week period during the summer, starting in 2019, to allow the grasses to grow without golf traffic.

°         We continue to stress keeping the golf carts in the fairways, not on the roughs, during the winter months.

°         The Range will close for over-seeding one week ahead of the golf courses and open a week ahead and on the mats.

°         The Green Committee passed a Motion to over seed all holes except Coyote #1 and #2 (for agronomic reasons) and Roadrunner #5.  An amended motion was made and passed to not paint Roadrunner #5.

Vice President:  JoAnn Salazar

·         The first meeting of the planning committee for the Second Annual Golf Tournament for Charity was held on Tuesday, August 21st.  It will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2018.  The theme will be “Cowgirl-Up for Charity," with a Taco Bar Buffet for lunch, a signature drink available at the bar, and each participant will receive a free ticket for a raffle that will feature rounds of golf, car washes, dinners and more.  There will also be a Share the Pot raffle with each charity receiving an equal share in the winnings along with four lucky winners from among the attendees.

·         The four charities are the same as last year:  Valley Assistance Services, the Southern Arizona Food Bank, Hands of a Friend and the Angel Heart Pajama project.  These four charities help children, the elderly, the hungry and the abused.

·         Each of the charities is recognized by the State of Arizona as being eligible for a dollar for dollar tax credit up to $800 for those filing jointly and $400 for single filers.     

·         The 18-hole golf rate will be $50.50 for non-annuals and $20.50 for annual members, which covers the cost of lunch and $5 for golf prizes.  The 9 hole event will be $30.50 for non-annuals and $15.50 for annual members.  The 9 hole event will be open to players with or without a golf handicap. The Putters rate will be $17.50 each.  Others who want to support the charities may attend the luncheon only.

·         Separate entry forms for each group will be available soon.

Secretary:  Lynda Detman - No Report

Treasurer:  JoAnn Salazar for Paula Scafuri

·         QCLGA has 125 Members. 

·         As of June 30, 2018, we have a bank balance of $ 10,788.

·         Sandi Neill recently passed away.  In lieu of flowers, and as requested by Sandi’s family, an in memoriam donation was sent on behalf of the QCLGA to The American Cancer Society in Tucson.  A thank you note was received and is posted on the bulletin board.

Tournament Chair:  Bonny Wilcox

·         Joel announced the winners of Thursday’s 2-day Eclectic Playday.  Results are posted on Golf Genius website.

·         Individual Match Play went very well, even though the participation was very low.  Bonny asked for a show of hands for keeping Individual Match Play or changing it to a team event.

·         Thanks to Jacquie Owens for her help with our No Frills event on June 28.  There were 40 participants and everyone that played seemed to enjoy the day.  Thanks to Justine for preparing goody bags for all golfers; they were very much appreciated.  Thanks also to Terri Erickson who helped with the scoring as well as Joel who completed the scoreboards.

·         Thanks to Carol Hocking for coordinating the lunch and special orders for our recent Prickly Pair event.  And thanks to Doug Detman and Mike Wonner for coordinating the men’s lunches.  There were 56 players, 28 men/women.  Unfortunately, the men won this year.

·         Thanks to Barbara Erickson and Joel for arranging an off-site golf and lunch day at Tubac on Thursday, September 20.  If you haven’t already done so, email Barbara with your foursome.  She needs to know by September 12.

·         Bonny took a poll of those present on various aspects of using Golf Genius, including signing up, receipt of confirmations, viewing tee assignments, viewing tournament results, and elimination of tee assignments and results being posted on bulletin board outside the Pro Shop.

Past President/Robson Challenge: Gail Phillips

·         Robson Challenge is scheduled for Monday, November 12 at Saddlebrook Ranch.  Last qualifier is next week. 


Handicap:  Nancy Hoppe – No Report

Rules & Regulations:  Mary Campbell-Jones

·         The QCMGA is organizing the AGA New Rules for 2019 seminar at QC October 24, 10am to noon in the Ballroom.  Mary now has a sign-up sheet for ladies who plan to attend.  Invitations will be going out to the entire community, not just Quail Creek, so she will need to keep a count of all the ladies who sign up.  She will have it in the Pro Shop on the bulletin board.

Birdies/Ringers/Chip-Ins:  Kris Weinberg

·         Through 8/9 playday:  107 Birdies, 123 Chip-Ins.

Hole-in-One Club:  Cheryl Collyer – No Report

Hospitality: Dianne Turner and Ronnee Epstein

·         Four new members:  Marie Cook, Robin Brannan, Patrish Bergamo, Roz Harrison.

Webmaster:  Irene Payne - No Report

AWGA/SDWGA: Justine Lewis

·         Cathy Nelms won the Del Sud with a Net score of 61.

·         Jacquie Owens won the Net State Medallion with a net score of 139.

·         Karen Stensrud won the Gross State Medallion by 1 stroke with a score of 180.

Publicity:  Terri Erickson – No Report

Interclub:  Peg Avent, Cathy Nelms

·         5 Interclub matches were played this year and 25 different ladies played.

·         Rankings at end of the year were #1 Torres/Ranch, #2 Canoa Hills, #3 San Ignacio, #4 Quail Creek/Desert Hills, #5Green Valley Country Club.

·         A new Chair for next year is needed.

Awards:  Lindsay Dickinson

·         Prickly Pair trophy has been engraved with the QCMGA win on August 2 and is back in the Pro Shop.

Junior Golf – No Report


·         No Frills Member/Guest (June 28)

o   See Tournament Chair Report.

·         Prickly Pair (Aug. 2)

o   See Tournament Chair Report.

·         Golf Is a Picnic (August 29)

o   Barb Erickson thanked Chris Gould and Kathy Stefano for putting together the playday at Desert Hills yesterday.  She reported that 47 ladies participated.  Also thanks to Bonny and Paula for all their help. Quail Creek is planning to reciprocate with a playday on our course and you will be hearing about those plans in the near future.

·         Cowgirl Up for Charity

o   See Vice President’s Report.

OLD BUSINESS: JoAnn for Chris

·          Nominating Committee:

o   Ronnee Epstein, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, introduced and thanked the members of the Committee, MaryLynne Fischer, Beth Davis, and Tommy Reid.  She announced their nominees for the governing Board for 2019

§  President:  Jacquie Owens

§  Vice President:  Peg Avent

§  Secretary:  Diane Simmons

§  Treasurer:  Sandi Hrovatin

§  Tournament Chair:  Bonny Wilcox

o   There were no nominations from the floor.

o   According to Article IV, Sec. 3, the unopposed new Board will be confirmed at the Annual Fall Meeting November 15.  

NEW BUSINESS: JoAnn for Chris

·         Be sure to mark your calendar for the AGA New Rules Seminar on Wednesday, October 24, 10 to noon in the QC Ballroom.

·         Overseed is scheduled September 17 to October 7.


Next General Meeting and Luncheon is November 15, 2018.  Please have your checks turned in by noon Friday, November 9.


Motion to Adjourn the General Meeting was made by Lindsay Dickenson and seconded by Nancy Planck.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 12:10 A.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Lynda Detman




MAY 24, 2018




The meeting was called to order at 12:12 P.M. by President Chris Gould.  A Motion to accept the Minutes of the General Meeting from March 1, 2018, as posted on the QCLGA Website was made by JoAnn Salazar and seconded by Terri Bacon.  Motion passed and Minutes were approved.


President:  Chris Gould

·         It has been a very busy time of year with multiple events since our last meeting.  See Tournament Chair Report for a review of several of these events.

·         Chris thanked Sandi Neill and Sharon Bisping for their leadership in organizing a very successful Member Guest Tournament, Casino de Quail.  The Co-chairs in each area, Food & Beverage- Beth Davis/Brenda Easley, Decorations – Sherry Morris/Kandi Roy, Publicity & Photography – Terri Erickson/Eileen Sekora, Registration & Ticket Sales – Gail Phillips/Kathy Linn, Tournament Coordinator-Barb Erickson, Golf packages – Jacquie Owens/Carol Hocking, and strong support from Joel Jaress, the pro Shop and JR with course conditions did an outstanding job.  This team effort allowed the jobs to be spread out and allowed more membership participation in creating a successful event.

·         May 3rd Green Meeting - The following are some items taken from the Green Committee:

o   The use of the golf course by non-golfers is becoming a real problem.  There recently have been bicycle riders on the course in addition to walkers, dogs, and carts during playing hours.  Please report non-related golf usage to the Marshalls and Pro Shop or Patrol after hours.  These occurrences need to be documented in order to try to receive backing from the POA Board.

o   The summer Aeration schedule is on the calendar and attached to these Minutes.  There will be some closures of the course.  Each month’s calendar needs to be reviewed prior to making requests, so there are no surprises.

o   All clubs will be impacted by the closures.  On some days we will not have play or we will be playing the same course twice.  In June we are impacted by a course closure and a trade day with the men.  The QCL9GA has generously agreed to play off site in order for our No- Frills Member Guest event to be played on the two open courses.

o   The USGA final report is in.  The recommendations for slicing, deep tine aeration, and sand top dressing will be followed.  This is not just a one- year project and we must continue these actions for the next five to six plus years. We must be flexible and will be required to skip a hole if indicated due to workers.  Workers have been told NOT to stop their machinery for golfers.  We need to avoid the workers by skipping the hole indicated and taking our equitable score.  Road Runner will be impacted more often, since it is the course that needs the greatest amount of work to build a better foundation of turf.

·         The phishing people are at it again.  Please be cautious and do not respond to emails that look strange and state they are from “Regards Chris Gould”.  She would never ask that anything be purchased for her in this manner. 

Vice President:  JoAnn Salazar – No Report

Secretary:  Lynda Detman - No Report

Treasurer:  Paula Scafuri

·         QCLGA has 121 Members. 

·         As of April 30, 2018, we have a bank balance of $ 10,932.91

·         The 2018 Member Guest Income and Expenses have been finalized. Paula thanks the 2018 Member Guest Committee for their volunteer time spent in making this year’s Member Guest a wonderful memory to all who attended.

Tournament Chair:  Bonny Wilcox

·         Partner Round Robin Match Play went very well thanks to Barbara Erikson who coordinated the three-day event.  Also our recent Member Guest Tournament was very successful, and again thanks to Barbara and all her efforts.  She has gone above and beyond completing both these events in the last two months.

·         The QCMGA/QCLGA Mixer was well attended and it seemed everyone had a good time. The only drawback was once again there was no place to gather after golf.  Hopefully, next year will be better in our new expanded restaurant.

·         Last round of the Individual Match Play Tournament was today.  Results will be sent to entire membership by email.

·         No Frills event is scheduled for June 28. The deadline for sign up is June 18. Bonny is working with Jacquie Owens on the golf game and box lunch selection.  There will only be Member/Guest flights – no Member/Member flight.  We are fortunate to be able to have this event during the course closures.  Thanks to the Niners who have agreed to play off site so we have 18 holes in play.

·         Everyone is reminded that the deadline for signup for weekly events is Monday at 12 noon.  The pairings are usually up on Golf Genius that afternoon or by early Tuesday at the latest.  Please check the portal for your pairings as early in the week as possible.  If you wait until 8 PM Wednesday night and find that you are not listed one of two things has happened.  You answered “not playing” on the invitation email or you didn’t respond either way.  If you call the coordinator on Monday and or Tuesday and request to play, everything possible will be done to accommodate you.  After Tuesday, it becomes more of a problem for the tournament committee, the pro shop and the marshals/rangers.  Also, depending upon the game, it may not be possible to accommodate any changes after the pairings have been made on Monday.  So, if you are not sure you have signed up and now want and can play, you can always check the portal for a particular event by selecting your name and the system will let you know if you have signed up or not.

Past President/Robson Challenge: Gail Phillips – No Report


Handicap:  Nancy Hoppe – No Report

Rules & Regulations:  Mary Campbell-Jones

·         The Rules Committee was introduced:  Alice Dyke, Cheryl Opsal, Carol Hocking, Mary Lynne Fisher and Joel.  You can contact anyone on the Committee at any time with questions or concerns.  Email is preferable, so it can be forwarded on to other members.  They will respond within a day.  If you wait until staging time for a game, they may not be aware of the situation you are questioning or may need time to research the answer.

Birdies/Ringers/Chip-Ins:  Kris Weinberg

·         As of our 5/10 playday we have 82 Birdies and 99 Chip-Ins.

Hole-in-One Club:  Cheryl Collyer

·         Susan Kuehn was presented with a Certificate for her May 9 Hole In One.

·         A new HIO list has been started. 

Hospitality: Dianne Turner and Ronnee Epstein – No Report

Webmaster:  Irene Payne - No Report

AWGA/SDWGA: Justine Lewis – No Report

Publicity:  Terri Erickson – No Report

Interclub:  Peg Avent, Cathy Nelms

·         Our second Interclub match took place on May 18 at The Country Club of Green Valley.  A strong 10-member team was fielded, but could not top the home team.  We scored 42 points to their 48.  Next Match is June 27th at Canoa Ranch.  June 21st is the next qualifier.

·         The Individual and Team scores have been posted to the QCLGA website under Outside Play.

Awards:  Lindsay Dickinson- No Report

Junior Golf – No Report


·         Joel announced today’s Individual Match Play winners.  The entire membership will receive an email of all results.

·         Joel also presented a putting demonstration, along with many important things to remember.  He covered gripping the putter; stressed the importance of your eyes being directly over the ball at address; suggested practicing putting 4 feet from the hole and closer, and try practicing your putt with your eyes closed; and last but not least, line up the putt to the best of your ability and make sure you hit the ball in the center of the club.

·         Report on No Frills Member/Guest (June 28) Bonny Wilcox and Jacquie Owens was covered by Bonny in her Tournament Chair Report.

·         The QC Putters have invited QCLGA members to a putting competition to be held June 13th.  There will be a continental breakfast and prizes.  You can sign up in the Pro Shop and details are in the News Blast.


·         In 2019 The (new) Membership Chair position will be added to Hospitality.  The two Hospitality/Membership co-chairs will take new member applications and checks, email the roster out to everyone, notify Handicap chair, and forward the dues check out to AWGA for new members, in addition to greeting them and making them aware of the many facets of the QCLGA.


·         Anj Brown, Information & Outreach Programs Director from AWGA spoke to the meeting about AWGA’s integration with the AGA, the upcoming Rules of Golf changes, new GHIN platform, and the World Handicap System coming in 2020.

·          Written cancellation policy for special events with an entry fee. 

o   “For a QCLGA Special Event with an entry fee, a full refund will be returned up to the date of luncheon confirmation with the Chef/Banquet Manager, which is 7 days prior to the event/tournament.  Within that 7 day time frame, the refund is granted less the food costs.  No tee prizes or any other gifts will be given to the person cancelling, as these are specific to the tournament.”

·         2019 Nominating Committee is working on a slate of officers for 2019 which will be presented at the August 30 meeting.  If you have any interest in serving, please contact the Nominating Committee Chair Ronnee Epstein or her Committee:  Beth Davis, Dian Simmons, Mary Lynne Fischer and Tommy Reid.

·         Prizes drawn for participation in today’s event. Winners of a $10 gift card were Gail Phillips and Margith Baker.



Next General Meeting and Luncheon is August 30, 2018.  Please have your checks turned in by noon Friday, August 24.


Motion to Adjourn the General Meeting was made by Jacquie Owens and seconded by Terri Bacon.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 12:58 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Lynda Detman




·       June 7 - Roadrunner, Quail, Coyote Closed (Fairway Aeration)

·       June 8 - Coyote Closed (Fairway Aeration)

·       June 18 through July 1 - Roadrunner closed for top dressing with sand

·       June 19 - QCMGA 18-Hole/Desert Duffers off site

·       June 28 - QCLGA 18-Hole/Lady Niners off site

·       Quail and Coyote lightly top dressed – minimal disruption of play

·       July 2 & 3 - Coyote Closed (Greens Aeration)

·       July 9 & 10 - Quail Closed (Greens Aeration)

·       August 6 through August 12 - Roadrunner closed for top dressing with sand

·       September 17 through October 8 - Overseed


·       June 1 through August 31 - Tee Times Starting at 6 AM

o   QCMGA - 7:30 Shotgun

o   QCLGA - 7:30 Shotgun

o   Desert Duffers - 6:45/11:15 Shotgun

o   Lady Niners - 8:30 Shotgun

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - Tee Times starting at 6 AM




MARCH 1, 2018




The meeting was called to order at 3:00 P.M. by President Chris Gould.  There were no additions or corrections of the QCLGA Electronic (Email) General Meeting delivered via email on February 1, 2018.  The meeting minutes are posted on the QCLGA Website.  Motion made by Linda Brackett to accept the Electronic Minutes as posted, seconded by Deb Scott.  Motion passed and Minutes were approved.


President:  Chris Gould

·         Congratulations to all of the President’s Cup participants.  Cancellation of first the first day due to the course closure because of rain is one for the history books!  Nancy and Bonny went above and beyond restructuring the tournament and adjusting the pairings.  Joel will provide our results later in the program.

·         Tomorrow, March 2nd the QCLGA will be represented at the Quail Creek Clubs event being held from 9am to 2pm in the Madera Clubhouse.  We will have applications, our schedule and brochure available. Thanks to JoAnn, Bonny, Lynda, Gail and Ronnee’

·         Feb 5th Green Meeting - The following are some comments taken from Joel and Jr's reports to the Green Committee:

o   Total rounds for January is around 7,000 based on Chelsea -- between 320 and 330 on Fridays.

o   Please refer to our golf calendar prior to making request for tee times on Chelsea. The calendar is available on the HOA website and in the golf shop.

o   JR has taken the following actions on the course:

§  Greens have been fertilized again to cut down on the fairy rings.

§  Sprinkler heads edged.

§  Air2G2 has been used on Quail course and working on Coyote course.

§  Refreshed gravel around some teeing areas.

§  New signs ordered for course entrance areas.

§  New benches have been ordered for the range. The old benches will be placed around the loop for resting areas.

§  Sod has been placed on damaged areas of the greens.

§  Insecticide has been applied to greens.

§  Actions to clear off volunteer rye grass continue.

o   Planned bunker rework will start on Coyote course in mid-month.

·         A Course Standards Committee has been formed.  Included are JR Kies, Mike Taylor, Mike Senatra, and Craig Parsons.  Their goal is to assist in the improvement of the course. The group will meet later this week for the first time.

·         The Green Committee is forming a subcommittee to develop a detailed and specific list of complaints on course conditions that will be addressed by the newly formed Standards Committee.  Jan Topolski is representing lady golfers in compiling the list of complaints.

·         Jacquie Owens has replaced Mickey Zimny on the Sub Course Committee.  Thank you, Mickey for your input on our behalf in the past.  Please let Jacquie know of any and all course concerns to take to her meeting held the third Wednesday of each month.

·         The next Green Committee meeting will be held on March 5th in the Kino Center, Mesquite room.  Please attend to hear firsthand what the Green Committee is doing and bring up your burning questions

Vice President:  JoAnn Salazar – No Report

Secretary:  Lynda Detman - No Report

Treasurer:  Paula Scafuri

·         QCLGA has 118 Members.

·         As of January 31, 2018, we have a bank balance of $16,240.74.

Tournament Chairman:  Bonny Wilcox

·         The President’s Cup participation this year is up a little from 2017 which was 42, we have 48 this year, 2018.  There were a lot of cancellations.  Will go back to a Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule for 2019.

·         All five associations have reviewed their 2019 calendars.  They will be meeting again over the next several weeks.

·         Held a recap meeting on the GJWTHF event to issue guidelines for next year’s event.  We will keep the 12:30 shotgun for one more year with lunch/dinner afterwards and revisit the time (8:00 vs. 12:30 lunch before/after) after next year’s event.  We will keep the same format – an alternate shot 18/9/putter (2 putts maximum). 

·         The QCMGA/QCLGA Mixer is scheduled for April 10 with the QCMGA hosting.  Signups will open on GG on March 8 for the ladies.  Please read “more information” on the calendar which will give you an overview of the event.

·         2017 will show for our data in GG for the rest of this year.

Past President/Robson Challenge:  Gail Phillips

·         Robson Challenge will be at Saddlebrook Ranch on Monday, November 12. 


Handicap:  Nancy Hoppe – No Report

Rules & Regulations:  Mary Campbell-Jones

·         Rule 14-3 Artificial Devices and Unusual Equipment; Abnormal Use of Equipment:  Except as provided in the Rules, during a stipulated round the player must not use any artificial device or unusual equipment, or use any equipment in an abnormal manner:

o   That might assist her in making a stroke or in her play, or

o   For the purpose of gauging or measuring distance or conditions that might affect her play, or

o   That might assist her in gripping the club, except that (i) gloves may be worn provided that they are plain gloves; (ii) resin, powder and drying or moisturizing agents may be used around the grip, and

o   A towel or handkerchief ay be wrapped around the grip.

·         The use of hand warmers falls into the category of unusual or artificial.  It can be used to warm your body, but not the ball, so make sure you do not have the warmer and the ball in the same pocket.

·         Now that new sod on the greens is growing in relatively flat, we will no longer be given relief from those areas as “ground under repair.

Birdies/Ringers/Chip-Ins:  Kris Weinberg – No Report

Hole-in-One Club:  Cheryl Collyer – No Report

Hospitality: Diane Turner and Ronnee Epstein – No Report

Webmaster:  Irene Payne - No Report

AWGA/SDWGA: Justine Lewis

·         Round 2 of the State Medallion qualifier has been posted to our website.

·         On May 24th during our next luncheon after the Individual Match Play tournament, Anj Brown, Information & Outreach Programs Director from the AWGA, has been invited to speak.

·         Several topics for discussion that day were offered:  Worldwide handicap system from AWGA, AWGA junior program.

Publicity:  Terri Erickson – No Report

Interclub:  Peg Avent, Cathy Nelms

·         Dates are finalized and updated on the website for the 5 events for 2018 under Outside News/Interclub.  Format will remain match play.

·         Qualifying will take place prior to each event.  Qualifying dates are published on Golf Genius and on the Calendar at myqclga.com “Outside Play” tab.

·         Best Net scores on Qualifying days will be used to determine the 10-member team.

Awards:  Lindsay Dickinson- No Report

Junior Golf – No Report

·         There is no current Chair.  Are we interested in supporting the Walden Grove Ladies’ team directly?



·         Member/Guest (April18-19) Sharon Bisping and Sandi Neill

o   Casino de Quail has 25 teams signed up which is less than half of the goal.  If you have not obtained a partner and signed up yet, please let Barb Erickson know as she has some resources to obtain ladies for us to play with.  Details you can share with your guest will be sent out 2 weeks before the tournament.  There will be lots of fun games and prizes.

o   Casino De Quail Split the Pot game was held as a preview event for the M/G.

·         QCMGA/QCLGA Mixer (April 10)

o   See Bonny’s report.


o   Joel announced all of today’s winners.  The 2018 Presidents’ Cup Champion is Ilene Olson.

o   Please see QCLGA website for all results.


·         Thanks to Cathy Nelms and Bonny for creating an overview calendar with our activities for the QCLGA website.  You may now see this calendar with a referral to Golf Genius for game detail.


·         Discussion was held at the February 21st Board Meeting regarding a Membership Chair position.  In 2019 The Membership Chair will be added to Hospitality.  The two Hospitality/Membership co-chairs will take new member applications, get the roster out to everyone, notify Handicap, and get the check out to AWGA for new members, in addition to greeting them and making them aware of the many facets of the QCLGA,

·         The 2019 Calendar and room reservations will be submitted on March 6th in Ballroom 3. 

·         2019 Nomination Committee will be formed by April 1st -  Please be thinking of nominees for officers.  

·         Prizes drawn for participation in today’s event were donated by the Pro Shop. Winners were Fran Walker and Bessie Moretto.


Next General Meeting and Luncheon is May 24, 2018.  Please have your checks turned in by May 18.


Motion to Adjourn the General Meeting was made by Vivian Parle and seconded by Carol Hocking.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 3:19 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,




Lynda Detman



FEBRUARY 1, 2018



This Electronic General Membership meeting will come to order, as called by President Chris Gould.   Under Robert’s Rules of Order, no previous meeting minutes are required to be read or approved.




 President:  Chris Gould

·         Welcome to 2018!  The Executive Board met on December 29th to review 2017 and confirm plans for 2018.  Thanks to all who volunteered for 2018 chair positions and for taking the lead in so many future functions.  Our focus points for 2018 include:

1.      Strategies to increase membership,

2.   Stricter deadline of applications and checks for events,

3.   Earlier and concise training for incoming officers and chair persons,

4.   Overall golf course condition. 

·         The New Year starts with a full calendar.  First the January 18th  GJWTHF, which Bonny will report on.  The first full membership meeting of the year will be, as last year, an Electronic Meeting via email.  (This is it) The February 1 PYP Best Ball event is followed by the cocktail gathering to be held in the Madera Ballroom.  Hors de oeuvres and a no host bar will be available.  The cost is $8.00 for ½ the cost of the hors de oeuvres.  The QCLGA is paying for the other ½ of your cost.

·         Our upcoming Member Guest Event report will be later in this meeting, as will information on the new QCLGA brochure.

·         Bonny Wilcox and Jan Ranney well represented the Quail Creek Ladies golf club at the State Medallion Tournament this past Sunday morning.  They tied for 5th Place in their flight of 13.  This year the event was held at Oakwood Country Club.  It was a chilly start for the first hour, but steadily improved.  They both were pleased to be our representatives and thanks to the QCLGA for their support and ability to play in this State event.

·         Green Committee meeting overview:

o   Unauthorized use of the golf course by non-players is an ongoing issue.  Please use the Ranger phone line (520-260-7157) or call the Pro Shop to report violators.  If possible, take a photo of the persons and cart for identifying purposes and for follow up by Joel.  The time restrictions for non-golf use are 5 am until sundown.  Being on the course while workers or golfers are present is quite dangerous and can pose liability for the community.  Mike and Gary have now been assigned as our Rangers for Thursday playdays.

o   The Javelina removal process is complete.  Twenty-nine animals were removed.  You will now see some re-sodding being done.  Sod has been taken from the putting area in front of the Pro Shop, as that area is closed and being removed.  You may have seen the article in this past Sunday’s Green Valley News.  It confirmed our expectation of the Javelina being relocated.

o   Annual play card sales are moving along with Annual Members YTD at 305. This is 21% increase over last year at this time.  

o   Course condition has been an ongoing topic.  Many steps are being discussed and plans are in progress around repairing damage greens and general course condition.  A new QCLGA representative on the course subcommittee is needed.  This group meets the third Wednesday of each month.

o   The next Green meeting will be Feb 5th at 1:30 in the Mesquite room.  Attend to have your voice heard and questions answered.

Vice President:  JoAnn Salazar

·          This year we need to strictly adhere to the deadline for signing up and purchasing lunches.  The deadline will be the Friday at noon the week before the luncheon.  This will benefit Daniel Pacheco, since he is new to this position, as well as JoAnn and Paula.

Secretary:  Lynda Detman - No Report

Treasurer:  Paula Scafuri

·          The QCLGA has 117 Members. 

·          As of December 31, 2017, we have a bank balance of $16,001.18.

·          An audit of the Treasurer’s 2017 records and documents was successfully completed.  Sandi Hrovatin served as the lead, assisted by Pam Campbell.  Thank you, ladies for volunteering your time.

·          Marie Duncan, one our QCLGA members, has recently lost her spouse.  In lieu of flowers, and as requested by Max Duncan’s family, an in memoriam donation was sent on behalf of QCLGA to The American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate.

·          The 2018 QCLGA Budget was approved by the Executive Board at the January 17, 2018 QCLGA Board Meeting.

·           I am pleased to announce that QCLGA has received a generous check from Mr. Robson for $2,500.00 to be utilized toward our Ladies Member Guest Golf Tournament.  Thank you, Chris, for your time and efforts in helping to obtain this wonderful donation.

Tournament Chairman:  Bonny Wilcox

·           Girls Just Want to Have Fun Event – January 18 – 69 golfers.  After some adjustments and movement of individuals we had 23 golfers in each position. (18 hole, niner and putter) Ladies liked the afternoon shotgun with lunch/dinner afterwards.

·           Bonny has been working with Justine on setting up and scoring a couple of tournaments and will be working with Deb Riddell when she is back in town.

·         For those that need a little one on one instruction on the Golf Genius Portal, Bonny will be happy to meet with you after our get together on February 1 or after our March meeting.

·         When recording your scores on the scorecards provided, please be sure you are entering them on the correct nine.  Two groups have been disqualified in the last two weeks because they recorded their scores incorrectly on the scorecards.

Past President/Robson Challenge:  Gail Phillips – No Report



Handicap:  Nancy Hoppe –  The handicap committee thanks the ladies for doing a great job in posting their scores or letting us know they did not play all 18.


Rules: Mary Campbell-Jones – No Report

Birdies/Ringers/Chip-Ins/Eagles:  Kris Weinberg

·         Through Jan 4 we have had 28 Birdies and 32 Chip-Ins.  It’s not too late to join Ringers, Birdies and Chip-In’s for the year. If you’re interested, just give your $18 check to Paula Scafuri and she will notify me


·          A couple of reminders:

o   Only on the Back-Up Scorecard (for Birdies and Chip-Ins) please remember to Circle the Score AND draw a line to the margin to note a Birdie and/or Chip-In.

o   On BOTH Scorecards, only write the gross score.  DO NOT use slashes or write more than 1 number in a box.

           In order to simplify a portion of the Treasurer and RBC’s job description, all current year members of RBC will be automatically enrolled into the RBC Club effective November 16, since their membership dues are paid through December 31.  If a member does not renew their membership by December 31, their name and tracking will be removed from the RBC’s.  The effective RBC membership date for new members, or members rejoining after December 31, will be the date of receipt of their payment to QCLGA.  Nothing will be posted until their check is received and their handicap at that time will be used.

          Clarification of Ringers, Birdies & Chip-Ins Definition which has been be posted on website regarding Withdrawals and DQs. 

o   RBC’s will only be counted on completed official ladies’ play day games, where the player individually plays her entire game, without a Withdrawal or being Disqualified.

          During discussion regarding disqualifications it was brought up that everyone needs to make sure that when you are checking scores with backups during a round, you need to make sure the scores you are reading are on the correct hole on the correct course.




Hole-in-One Club:  Cheryl Collyer

·         There are currently 56 members in the Hole In One Club

·        There are two new members: Linda Ulery and Sara Elser.

Hospitality:  Diane Turner, Ronnee Epstein  

·         They have met with three new members and wish to introduce, Carin Robinson, Linda Ulery and Sara Elser.


Webmaster:  Irene Payne - No Report

AWGA/SDWGA: Justine Lewis – No Report

Publicity:  Terri Erickson – No Report

Interclub:  Peg Avent, Cathy Nelms

·         All Tournament dates have been confirmed.   There have been some changes and hopefully these are the final dates.  The competition is still being determined.  The Captains are trying to find a way to allow each club to only play a home team once and this may involve eliminating the Fun Day.

Play Dates for 2018:

April 23           Desert Hills

May 15           Country Club of Green Valley

June 6            San Ignacio

June 27          Torres/Ranch (at Torres or the Ranch?)

July 17            Canoa Hills

August 16       Quail Creek 

·         Qualifying for Interclub is now going to be uniform between all Clubs. The wording on that also is still under discussion.

·       There will be an amended rule for absentee players.   Details to follow.

·          Cathy and Peg will be actively recruiting Interclub membership this Thursday at our cocktail party.

Awards:  Lindsay Dickinson- No Report


Member/Guest (April 18-19)

·         Co-chairs Sandi Neill and Sharon Bisping have had three meetings and their Committee is moving ahead with the theme of Casino de Quail.  They need help with filling a position with a member (who will not be playing) to obtain day-of-golf volunteers.


·         Thanks to Kris Weinberg and JoAnn Salazar for a lovely Holiday celebration:  75 of the 83 members of RBC’s received awards.  Chris thanked all the ladies for working together on a great lunch and awards ceremony.  Terri Erickson did a great job taking all of the photos and putting together a great article for the Quail Creek Crossings

NEW BUSINESS : Chris Gould

·         Brochures -  Discussion held regarding placement of brochures at Pro Shop, Ladies Restrooms, plus Applications and Brochures at Madera Clubhouse on the Club Board.  Our name has been added to the Club Board so that we now have a presence.  Take a look at the new brochures. 

·         Membership Chair – Discussion was held on whether we should add a new chair position to encourage new members and monitor the steps taken to encourage new members.  No action taken, may review in the future.

·         Website Calendar – Discussion held on use of and how to keep a calendar on the QCLGA website in addition to golf Genius without causing a huge amount of work.  No action taken at this time.

Next General Meeting and Luncheon is March 1, 2018.  Checks must be in by Friday, February 22nd.