Contact Us

Names, Emails, and Numbers

For general information, please contact Jacquie Owens or Peg Avent. For membership applications or fees, please contact Ronnee Epstein, Beth Davis or Sandi Hrovatin. For all tournament information contact Bonny Wilcox. If you’d like a friendly sit down chit-chat about membership in the QCLGA contact Ronnee Epstein or Beth Davis. If you need help navigating the Website contact Cheryl Opsal.


Jacquie Owens, President, (303) 913-1177
Peg Avent, Vice-President, (801) 706-1983
Chris Gould, Past President, 253-468-5543
Dian Simmons, Secretary, 909-6523
Sandi Hrovatin, Treasurer, (414) 324-0605
Bonny Wilcox, Tournament Chair, 232-3512
Nancy Hoppe, Handicap Chair, 625-1820
Ronnee Epstein, Membership,, 269-7023
Cheryl Opsal, Website, 398-4263