Hole-in-One Club

To join the Hole-in-One Club or if you have paid and don't see your name on the list, please contact Cheryl Collyer


New Hole-in-One Club now forming

To join the Hole in One club, please make a check payable to Cheryl Collyer (or cash), for $5.00 and place it in the QCLGA drawer located in the computer room at the Pro Shop.


Updated: December 13, 2019

Allred, Brenda
Anderson, Bonnie
Avent, Peg
Bacon, Terri
Campbell, Pam
Campbell-Jones, Mary
Collyer, Cheryl
Davis, Beth
Delcour, Jan
Dinnocenti, Sandy
Elser, Sara
England, Chris
Epstein, Ronnee
Erickson, Barb
Erickson, Terri
Gould, Chris
Harrison, Roz
Heeren, Sonia
Hocking, Carol
Hoppe, Nancy
Johnson, Janet
Klaus, Linda
Knox, Dena
McBride, Carolyn
McCune, Susan
Martens, Betty
Morris, Sherry
Nelms, Cathy
O'Brien, Phyllis
Olson, Chris
Opsal, Cheryl
Owens, Jacquie
Parle, Vivian
Rathvon, Bobbi Jo
Riddell, Debbie
Rowland, Cher
Schoen, Sharon
Schwartz, Kate
Scott, Debbie
Simmons, Dian
Stotz, Kathy
Thompson, Kathy
Tillapaugh, Pat
Turner, Dianne
Wade, Hilary
Weinberg, Kris
Welliver, Rose
Wilcox, Bonny