ELIGIBILITY:  Membership in the QCLGA is open to ladies who are property owners in good standing in the Quail Creek Country Club Community; have a signed contract with intent to build; have a rental contract for a home in Quail Creek, or hold a non-resident Quail Creek Country Club annual golf membership.  You must have a current QCLGA AWGA handicap to participate in Association play.

  To provide good fellowship and sportsmanship among members and to encourage active participation in playing golf by taking part in weekly events and golf tournaments conducted in accordance with USGA Rules and Quail Creek Country Club Rules.

Please contact Membership Committee person for further information:

  Ronnee Epstein:  520-269-7023 ronteach4@aol.com or Beth Davis 520-625-3980  rmdavis2@aol.com  

New Membership

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Tel: _________________________    Cell Phone: __________________­­­_____      DOB: (M/D) ______________

Email: _________________________________   Are you already registered with Golf Genius?  Yes___ No ____

Wish to receive Weekly News Blast:   ____Yes   ____ No



Payment to join the QCLGA must include the following:


QCLGA Dues: $25.00


Arizona Women’s Golf Assn. Fee: $35.00


SUB TOTAL $60.00

OPTIONAL (Please check optional items that apply)


Ringers, Birdies and Chip-Ins $18.00             ___

(Runs 11-16 to 11-15 each calendar year)


So Dist. Women’s Golf Assn. $10.00              ___


SUB TOTAL $_________


QCLGA dues after 10/1 will be $0, if the new member has applied and paid for their next year’s member-ship in the QCLGA. The new member will also be eligible to participate on QCLGA play days for the remainder of the current year.

AWGA fee after 7/1 is $20.00. After 10/1 the fee is $0

GRAND TOTAL:  $________ Make check payable to QCLGA and place with application in the “DUES” drawer at the QC Pro Shop.

Sign: ________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Additional Information
 If a member of another golf association, please provide the following:

Current/Recent Golf Club/Association: ______________________________________________________

Association number: ________________________    If possible, attach list of last 20 scores, with ratings

Please allow 7-10 days for this application to be processed

Updated: 2/2019