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Golfing Ladies!

Oowwwhee!!! Karen Stensrud - Roadrunner 2 - December 11, 2014

What an exciting day!!! Alice Dyke had a Hole-In-One today, August 28, 2014 on Coyote #4.

Barb Haley has her very first Hole in One 1/4/14 on Quail 2

Jan Delcour - Antelope Hills South Course (Prescott, AZ); 8/16/18

Dianne Turner, October 22, Roadrunner #1. Congratulations and Well Done!!!

On October 13th, Kathy Stotz bagged an eagle on Quail #1. CONGRATULATIONS KATHY!!

Bonny Wilcox eagled Quail #6 on 7/31. Well Done!!!

Susan Warburton, 7/16, RR5. Well done, Girlfriend!!!

Sherry Morris bagged another one on March 20th!! This time Quail #6 from 70 yds out.

Justine Lewis eagled Quail #6 on 1/4/14. On in one and a 6 foot putt. Well done indeed!!!

Mickey Zimny 2/25/14 RR#5. Mickey followed with a birdie on #6. Congratulations!!

Sharon Hayes bagged an Eagle from 50 yds out on Quail #6, March 20th. How exciting is that?

Gail Phillips was lovin' it on Monday, 8/25. Gail broke 90 for the first time ever with an 89 on the Coyote/Roadrunner course for a net 65. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE!!!!

Sharon Hayes shot her lowest round ever on Monday, 8/11. After adjusting for Q4, Sharon shot an 84 on the Roadrunner/Quail course. That was a cool net 64. Congratulations and a big WELL DONE!!!

Sherry Courson shot a 79 on 8/2 on Quail/Coyote. This is the first time she has ever broken 80...which makes this her best score ever!!

Cheryl Collyer, lowest round ever on 7/20. Coyote/Roadrunner. Cheryl shot 83 for a net 66. Well done!!!

Kathy Stotz shot her best round ever on Coyote/RR 5/29/14 during the final round of Individual Match Play- a sweet 83 for a net 58. Congratulations and Well done!!!

Brenda Easley shot a best ever 95 for a net 60 on the Quail Coyote course during the final round of the 2014 President's Cup. This cinched the overall win for Brenda. Well done!!!

Beth Davis, Pam Campbell and Mary Lou Johnson celebrate personal bests during the 2013 Club Championship.

Kathy Stotz shot a best ever 86 net 64 on July 14th on Coyote/Roadrunner.

Sherry Morris a Best Ever 78 on R/Q 2/26/13

Paula Scafuri shot 89 for a net 65 on Coyote Roadrunner.

Holly Crombie shot 88 for a net 60 during the last round of Match Play

Linda Brackett scored a 92 for a net 64 on May 9th

2014 Individual Match Play Flight Winners. Joanne Salazar, Kathy Stotz, Nancy Hoppe, Bonny Wilcox, Cheryl Collyer, Cheryl Opsal, Nancy Diefenthaler, Karen Nasman.

Barbara Erickson topped 31 players to bring home the cash. Well Done!!!

Flt 1 Wilcox/Kanger; Flt 2 Dyke/Scafuri; Flt 3 Clifford/Walker; Flt 4 Matsen/Turner; Flt 5 Johnson/Davis; Flt 6 Hoppe/Planck; Flt 7 (Tie) Wonner Salazar and T Erickson/Kuehn

2014 Member Guest Committee Dreama Fumia and Sherry Morris Co Chairs and committee members Lynn Thomas, Beth Davis, Mary Lou Johnson, Paula Scafuri and Cheryl Opsal. Not pictured, Susan Moberg.

Overall LG Mary Campbell Jones and Nancy Quesenberry

Overall LN Ilene Olson and Lisa Ferris with Dreama Fumia

Flt 1 1st LG Sandra Lawrence and Renee Hawkins

Flt 1 1st LN Bonny Wilcox and Jennifer Loveland

Flt 2 1st LG Peg Avent and Alberta Teale

Flt 2 1st LN Judy Murray and Carol Vukovich

Flt 3 1st LG Debbie Dunipace and Sandy Pond

Flt 3 1st LN Beth Davis and Jan Hall

Flt 4 1st LG Rose Welliver and Joyce Parchuta

Flt 4 1st LN Darthea Tilley and Jane Fournier

Flt 5 1st LG Sharon Hayes and Marilyn Albert.

Flt 5 1st LN Paula Scafuri and Naarah Turpin

Flt 6 1st LG Rhonda Kochevar and Betty Lindamood

Flt 6 1st LN Carmen Smith and Robin Ashe

On behalf of Quail Creek CC, J R Kies, Course Suerintendent receives the prestigious GEM Award from Kelly Hollister, Program Mgr., AWGA

President Rose Welliver with Overall Winner Brenda Easley and Club Professional, Joel Jaress

Flight Winners. Betty Martens, Ann Brooks, Sherry Morris and Bessie Moretto

Looking forward to a great day on the course.

Francie Walker, Tournament Manager

Francie Walker recounts the first ever Hole in One for Barb Haley as President, Rose Welliver presents her acheivement certificate from AWGA.

Sue Kanger and Sherry Courson, Low Net Overall - a sweet 66

1st Place, Div 1, Flt 1, Sherry Morris and Louise Lakatos

2nd Place, Div 1, Flt.1, Sandra Lawrence and Rose Rubio

3rd Place, Div 1, Flt 1, Sharon Hayes and Marcia Koshollek

1st Place, Div 1 Fkt 2, JoDe McAdams and Sally Bodine

2nd Place, Div 1, Flt 2, Beth Davis and Alyce Mancini

3rd Place, Div 1, Flt 2, Sandy Hrovatin and Barbara Borgwardt

1st Place, Div 1, Flt 3, Jan Ranney and Jean Kalish

2nd Place, Div 1, Flt 3, Ilene Olson and Kathy Anderson

3rd Place, Div 1, Flt 3, Cheri Smith and Fern Zepp

2nd Place, Div 2, Flt 1, Peg Avent and Bessie Moretto

1st Place, Div 2, Flt 2, Kris Weinberg and Shirley Schultz

2nd Place, Div 2, Flt 2, Darlene Tobias and Lynn Thomas

Linda Klaus Elizabeth Heintz and Carol Clifford present our check to the Animal League

Linda Klaus, Elizabeth Heintz and Carol Clifford present our check to Lisa Coker at Friends in Deed

Carol Clifford and Elizabeth Heintz present our check to Equine Voices of Amado

2012 Member/Guest Chairman Susan Kuehn presents a donation on behalf of the QCLGA to Green Valley - Sahuarita Community Food Bank Executive Director, Mary Jane Goodrick 4/27/12.

2013 State Medallion Winners - Low Gross, Bonny Wilcox; Low Net, Sherry Morris

2013 Eagles - Sherry Morris and Barbara Erickson. Not pictured are Laura Colbert and Justine Lewis

2013 Birdies - Most overall, Karen Stensrud; Bessie Moretto, Kathy Stotz, Barbara Erickson, Marie Duncan, Linda Brackett

2013 Chip-ins; Alice Dyke and Judy Murray

2013 Ringer - Overall Gross, Karen Stensrud; Overall Net Bessie Moretto; Francie Walker, Chris Laxague, Barbara Erickson, Pam Campbell, Judy Murray, Marie Duncan, Linda Brackett. (Peg Avent)

2013 Most Improved Golfer - Dreama Fumia presented by Nancy Hoppe

2013 Robson Challenge Team

President, Rose Welliver and Head Pro, Joel Jaress bring home the trophy

Barbara Erickson takes Overall Low Net

Sherry Morris receives her plaque from Joel Jaress, Head Golf Professional and Rose Welliver, QCLGA President

Champion, Sherry Morris with flight winners, (Francie Walker not pictured)

Prickly Pair Trophy comes home. QCMGA Pres Tom Bruno returns it to QCLGA Pres Rose Welliver. QCLGA won 189.5 to 170.5.

2013 Telegraph winner Bessie Moretto. Bessie shot a cool net 67 to best the field.

2013 State Medallion winners. Bonny Wilcox, gross; Sherry Morris, net.

Ready for a fun filled day!!!

A Flight, 1st Place

A Flight, 2nd Place

B Flight, 1st Place

B Flight, 2nd Place

B Flight, 3rd Place

Mary Lou Johnson 2013 Del Sud winner

Sherry Morris. Another one on 9/4/13. RR4. Well Done!!!

Lions and Tigers and Eagles, oh my!!!

2013 Round Robin Match Play Winners

2013 Interclub Fun Day - Kickoff event with 84 ladies from 6 clubs

2013 Executive Board - Barbara Erickson, Treasurer, Sherry Morris, Vice President, Rose Welliver, President, Francie Walker, Tournament Chair, Chris Olson, Secretary.

Sherry Morris First overall with Joel Jaress, Club Pro

Logan Erickson, AWGA and Cathy Nelms, AWGA Rep of the Year

Linda Brackett, winner of the Member Guest Golf Bag Raffle with Joel Jaress

Elizabeth Heintz and Carol Clifford Co-Chairs 2013 Member Guest and raffle coordinators

Holes in One - Sherry Morris,Pam Campbell, Carmen Smith, Karen Stensrud

Eagles - Karen Stensrud,Dreama Fumia, Sherry Morris, Cheri Smith, Darlene Tobias (not pictured)

Most Birdies - Bessie Moretto, Sherry Morris,Gail Phillips,Holly Crombie, Linda Brackett, Karen Stensrud (Overall)

Chip-ins - Karen Stensrud, Dreama Fumia, Linda Brackett

Ringer - Karen Stensrud, Low Gross and Carmen Smith, Low Net

Ringer - Flight Winners - Karen Stensrud, Sherry Morris, Bessie Moretto, Judy Murray, Carmen Smith, Linda Brackett, Jan Ranney (not pictured: Barbara Erickson, Jan Rooney Sherol Erb

Passing the Gavel - from Dreama Fumia 2011 and 2012 to Rose Welliver 2013

Congratulations to the 2012 Robson Challenge Team who brought home the win for QCLGA!!!

2012 Interclub Team

CONGRATULATIONS AND A BIG WELL DONE!!! Cathy Nelms, Barbara Erickson -- SDWGA, Overall Net Winners, Fall Partners Event, Oct 16-17, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS !!! to Karen Stensrud our new 2012 Club Champion. Trophy presented by Interim Professional, Joel Jaress

2012 Club Champion and 1st Place flight winners. Linda Brackett,Bonny Wilcox, Karen Stensrud, Alice Dyke Betty Martens and Beth Davis. Well done, Ladies!!!

Mary Lou Johnson Low Net winner and Karen Stensrud Low Gross winner.

2012 Telegraph winner JoAnn Salazar. Well done!!!

2012 Tubac Outing - an absolutely perfect day.

Good golf, beautiful views across the valley and a delicious lunch made for a great day!

2012 Partners Match Play. Winners all. Well done and Congratulations!!!

2012 Del Sud winner Holly Crombie shot a 59 in the 2 day ringer event. Well done!!!

Sherry Morris receives her plaque from Joel Jaress, Head Golf Professional and Rose Welliver, QCLGA President

Greg Chesney, GM at The Haven Golf Course, receives a QCLGA $400 check from our Junior Golf Committee Chair, Mary Campbell-Jones, to purchase golf clubs for his junior golf program.

Mary Campbell-Jones presents check for $365 to Vicky Gonzalez of The First Tee. Money has been earmarked to buy clubs for the Junior Golf program at Green Valley CC.

Bonnie Wilcox/JenniferLoveland - Gross; Rhonda Kochevar/Betty Lindamood - Net

A Flight Gross Alice Dyke/Sherry Caldwell

A Flight Net Bev Iverson/Jan Rimbey

B Flight Gross Francie Walker/Jacki McCue

B Flight Net Debbie Dunipace/Sandi Pond

C Flight Gross Darthea Tilley/Jane Fournier

C Flight Net Beth Davis/Jan Hall

D Flight Gross Cheri Smith/Fern Zepp

D Flight Net Marie Duncan/Pat Stillwagon

E Flight Gross Nancy Hoppe/Kim Soohki

F Flight Gross Evelyn Held/Murelda Rice

F Flight Net Mary Lou Johnson/Lynn Warden

Many Thanks!!!

Many Thanks!!!

Jan Ranney and Francie Walker, 1st Place, 4th Flight; (not pictured) Carol Clifford, 2nd place, 2nd Flight

Congratulations !! Cheri Smith, Eagle 1/29 RR9

Karen Stensrud, November 1, Roadrunner #4. Well done!!!

Congratulations!!! Darlene Tobias - Eagle - 4/12 RR4

Congratulations to Carmen Smith!!!

Congratulations!!! to Pam Campbell who had her very FIRST Hole-in-One 3/8, on RR6.

Congratulations to Karen Stensrud!!!

Francie Walker, Tournament; Barbara Erickson, Treasurer; Dreama Fumia, President; Rose Welliver, Vice-President; Sandra Stark, Secretary

President Dream Fumia congratulates SDWGA Del Sud winner Cheri Smith

SWGA State Medallion Low Gross and Low Net winners Karen Stensrud and Mickey Zimny

2011 Hole in One achievers Karen Stensrud, Sandra Stark and Carol Clifford

Eagle achievers Sherry Morris, Karen Stensrud, Widge Heintz, Alice Dyke, and Sharon Hayes. Not pictured is Jeanne Reinhardt

Most Birdies Bonny Wilcox with 13 and Susan Warburton with 12.

Most Chip-ins. Susan Warburton, Paula Scafuri, Cheri Smith, Mary Lou Johnson, Pam Campbell, Alice Dyke and Sherry Morris. Alice and Sherry tied for 1st and the rest tied for 2nd

Most Improved Golfer awarded to Laura Colbert by Susan Warburton

Overall Gross Ringer winner Susan Warburton. Not pictured is Francie Walker Overall Net Ringer winner

1st Place Ringer Flight winners

2nd Place Ringer Flight winners

3rd Place Ringer Flight winners

4th Place Ringer flight winners

5th Place Ringer flight winners

2011 Robson Challenge Team

Congratulations to Bev Iverson on her Hole in One!!!

A FLight Winners: Mary, Sue, Jane, Karen

How beautiful you are.

2011 Interclub Team Party

Tubac Golf Outing 2011

Sonoran Course, August, 2011

Carol Clifford, Bonny Wilcox, Karen Stensrud, Barb Haley, Jan Rooney. Not pictured, Dottie Ehrlich and Susan Kuehn. Well done, Ladies!!!

Ventana Canyon Outing, Mountain Course, July, 2011

Flight winners. Gail Phillips, Carolyn McBride, Francie Walker, Karen Stensrud, Mary Lou Johnson, Mick Zimny and Susan Kuehn

Barb Haley presents $500 check to Vicky Gonzales, The First Tee of Tucson.