Members participating in any of the special games must participate in all 3 (Birdies, Chip-Ins & Ringers) games.  Cost is $18.00 per year.  $6.00 goes into each pot for each game.




Ringer game is a year-long eclectic game.


Ringer count begins November 16th and ends the 15th of November.


Handicaps are determined November 15th or the date of the handicap when a new member pays her money to participate in the special games.


Each week a member plays, her score is entered onto a spreadsheet that has been programmed to automatically record her lowest score for each hole.


Ringers are eligible on QCLGA completed official ladies play day games, where the player individually plays her entire game, without a Withdrawal or being Disqualified.


Members must complete one round on each of the three (3) 9-hole courses during the year.




Treasurer collects the Ringer money and notifies the Coordinator.


Renewing members are eligible participants for a new year as long as their dues are paid by December 31.


New members can pay at any time, and existing members can also join at any time after December 31.  But in these cases, scores are not added to the spreadsheet until after the member has paid.




Coordinator picks up Back-up cards each week from the Pro Shop.


Coordinator e-mails a file of the Ringer Master to the Webmaster monthly.  This allows each paid member to check and make sure that her Ringers were recorded properly.




Awards will be given to the members with the lowest gross and net scores for the year at the December Luncheon.


Prize money will be distributed at the December luncheon.


After all expenses have been deducted, the remaining amount will be used for the prizes.


There are either four or five flights depending on the handicap distribution.  Flights are determined using the Indexes on the "Beginning of the Year Handicap List".


Each flight pays down six (6) places for four (4) flights and five (5) places for five (5) flights for gross and net.


No member shall be paid for both a gross and a net score.


If there is a tie, the tie will be broken starting with scores on the course with the highest, then next highest and then the lowest rating.



Revised 09/09

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Revised 01/02/2019