Revised April 3, 2019


1.   The player must be current with QCLA dues, must have a current AZ, USGA handicap which can be verified by the Tournament Chair; and must have signed up to play. The player must check in with the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes before her allotted time the morning or afternoon of play, present her Robson card and pay the entry fee for the day’s play. Entry fees are non-refundable. New members will be allowed to play on Ladies’ Play days, but not in competition until a handicap is established.

2.   The maximum handicap for 18 holes is 40. Any higher handicap will be adjusted to the maximum. For Partner Games, there is a maximum course handicap differential of 10 between the players, and the higher handicap is reduced accordingly.

3.     Players must sign up for play days through the Golf Genius System. The cut-off time for signing up is noon, Monday, prior to the Thursday play day. Any requests to play after this time must be made by calling the Tournament Coordinator and requests will be honored on a space-available basis. If a player cannot play or make her tee time, she should call BOTH the Tournament Coordinator and the Pro Shop. A minimum number of 16 (sixteen) players are required to sign up and pay for each game.

4.     If a player does not show up to play, or does not call to cancel at least one half hour prior to the days play, she will be assessed 4 points in the Chelsea system. If additional infractions occur, the Board of Directors will decide penalties. The only exception to this rule will be extreme emergencies.

5.     All players are expected to complete all holes unless the game allows dropouts.

6.     The official scorecard and the ‘ringer-backup’ scorecard must be signed and attested prior to submission to the Tournament Coordinator and the Ringer Chair. If they are not signed and attested, ALL players on the card will be disqualified. To avoid error, verify scores hole by hole, not just at the end of the round.

7.     SCORE POSTING POLICY: To be in accord with Section 8-2 of the USGA Handicap System, we are required to conduct periodic reviews for timely posting of acceptable scores. An acceptable score occurs when the player plays her own ball in accordance with USGA rules. Accordingly, scramble, shamble, and practice rounds are not acceptable for posting. USGA/AWGA guidelines request you “post where you play”. Realizing that this is not always practical and with the various ways to post, IE: Pro Shop, cell phones, home computer, we have the following policy:

a)     All acceptable scores must be posted within 48 hours after completion. If posting is not completed, a score equal to the lowest handicap differential of the latest 20 scores will be posted.

b)    In order to forestall the posting, players may either contact a member of the Handicap Committee directly or make a note on the score correction sheet in the Pro Shop.

c)     The Handicap Committee will be conducting random checks of scorecards submitted and reviewing the tee sheets to insure proper posting.

d)    Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each Player to make sure scores are posted correctly and timely.

8.     MAJOR TOURNAMENTS: Eligibility to play in these tournaments is the same as #1 above. The entry fee for each of the major tournaments is $5.00 for each day of the tournament payable on the first play day round of the tournament. Sign up for these tournaments will be done through the Golf Genius system as outline in #3 above.  

9.     Proper ETIQUETTE and SPORTSMAN-LIKE CONDUCT shall be observed while on the course and during play. Penalties for breach of etiquette may be imposed under USGA Rule 1.2a.

10.  The use of USGA approved range finders for distance is allowed on all ladies tournament play days. Devices that display slope and wind correction are illegal and players can be disqualified for having them.

11.  The most improved player shall be determined by the Handicap Chair based upon the AWGA report.  She must be a member participating in Ladies Play Days.

12.  All Committee Chairs must maintain a comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manual. These manuals shall be provided to the succeeding committee chairs. These policies shall not be changed without Board Approval.

13.  When all the Board candidates run unopposed, the Board will confirm those candidates at the annual fall meeting.

14.  Standing Rules may be changed by presentation to the Elected Board and a vote by members at a General Meeting.