The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm by President, Jacquie Owens. Present at the meeting were: Jacquie Owens, Peg Avent, Sandi Hrovatin, Dian Simmons, Cheryl Opsal, Mary Campbell-Jones, Kris Weinberg, Ronnee Epstein, Marie Cook, Linda Ulery, Debbie Scott, Janet Johnson, Roz Harrison, Chris Gould, and Beth Davis.

A motion to accept the Minutes of the Board Meeting from October 23, 2019 as posted on the QCLGA Website was made by Debbie Scott and seconded by Peg Avent. Motion passed and Minutes were approved.


PRESIDENT: Jacquie Owens

Welcome to all present, including new committee and board members. Job descriptions were sent out for better understanding and to allow cross coverage of tasks needed. Need to add job description for Rules Chair.


There were 64 lunches for the Holiday Luncheon. There are problems with members who don’t eat which needs to be resolved. We need to come up with a game plan to eliminate this problem. In order to get more members involved with lunches and increased pricing, possible solutions include; itemization of costs to outline why lunch prices have increased and/ or require additional money for missing deadline payment.

SECRETARY: Dian Simmons No Report

TREASURER: Sandi Hrovatin

The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements are complete and Sandi is working on the budget for 2020. An audit is required, Chris Gould and Marie Cook have volunteered to assist Sandi in this task to be completed by the end of this month.


Nothing new to add other than date for Robson Challenge is November 18, 2020 and two qualifying events are required to qualify for team.


Deb Riddell sent status report and what had been accomplished since the last meeting. A copy is attached to these Minutes for membership information. A survey was sent out to members last year regarding changes to President’s Cup and Club Championship. It was decided among Committee and Board members that those events will be combined into one event. An Appreciation Day will be held February 27, 2020 and Jacquie is requesting any items that can be used as door prices to be donated to the cause.


HANDICAP: Nancy Hoppe

GHIN app has been converted. World Handicap System is in place. According to Chris Gould, WHS has agreed to come to Quail Creek for a seminar.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Mary Campbell-Jones No report

WEBMASTER: Cheryl Opsal

Cheryl has items to be discussed with Jacquie and possibly Nancy Hoppe. Jacquie will set up. Cheryl needs input on interclub clubs and dates. Cheryl to get with Deb Riddell on questions regarding some events and play dates so they can be adjusted on website. Handicaps can be adjusted every Monday on website. Discussions regarding setting up a new website that will meet the requirements of the QCLGA, suggestion to set up a task force to research. Cheryl will discuss with Fran Walker as a possibility. Need possibly three people. It was decided to change password back to just GOLF, Cheryl will make the change effective in two weeks. Jacquie will put in blast to notify members.

We will use January 6, 2020 as start date for RBC’s

HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB: Beth Davis for Cheryl Collyer
50 people have paid into HIO club as of December 23, 2019

MEMBERSHIP: Ronnee Epstein

There are two new members: Kathy Brogden and Diane Thornton. There has been great participation from new members in Thursday events and feedback from them has been very favorable. Two members have shown up on the membership list and have not filled out application or met with Ronnee and Beth. Ronnee will continue to try and contact them to see if they are members of other clubs and possibly signed up by mistake to our club.

AWGA/SDWGA: Roz Harrison

Roz will put up notice in ladies bathroom of upcoming AWGA events. This year we have 53 paid members. Southern District will have three tournaments this year.

PUBLICITY: Debbie Scott and Janet Johnson

Evidently, GV News requires money to insert articles in their paper. Contact Peggy McGee and ask how she gets around that issue. Discussion of re-taking new pictures for members and where the pictures should be taken. Contact Janet Johnson if anyone wishes new picture.

AWARDS: Lindsey Dickerson No report

INTERCLUB: Marie Cook and Linda Ulery
There is a meeting on the 20th at San Ignacio to discuss the coming year.

JUNIOR GOLF: Patty Zatkin and Pat Newport No report


Chris Gould and Dian Simmons are putting together a basket for the TWOQC Fashion Show event for charity. It’s coming together nicely.


Member/Guest update- Kandi Roy and Kathy Printz have been very busy getting things going for event. Robson is sending a check to help with event.

QCLGA Logo contest – still need input. Possibly start contest in February. Jacquie to get more details.

Question on short-term renters ability to play with league. Answer: Bylaws are very specific however, they could participate one time as a guest but no prize money would be awarded to a guest.

Next Board Meeting will be held February 19, 2020 at 3:00 P.M. Kino Conference Center.


Motion to Adjourn the Board Meeting was made by Chris Gould and seconded by Cheryl Opsal. Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

ADDENDUM: January 4, 2020

For January 8, 2020 QCLGA Board Meeting – Tournament Chair – Debbie Riddell 2020 CALENDAR

  • Completed 2020 Calendar
  • 42Events–49Playdays
  • All Qualifiers have been added
  • Interclub dates set
  • Necessary reviews were completed
  • DevelopedNewGameGlossaryfor2020Events
  • Calendar and Game Glossary on Website and will be updated as needed


  • 2020 Setup Complete – League Profiles, League Calendar, Player Roster
  • GG Player invites now include: Name of Coordinator, Definition of Game,

Identification of Qualifiers, Time of Shotgun

  • Updated New Member Golf Genius Instructions that is sent by Tournament

Committee (Beth has a copy)

  • AGA Renewals and Golf Genius in sync

o 123 Members Registered in Golf Genius – 2 New Members Pending (Mary Schupmann & Ginger Brink)

  • Terri Bacon coordinated her first event using Golf Genius (And did a Damn Good Job!)
  • Players are still having difficultly signing up for PYP events. Instructions have been included in our Weekly Blast and hard copy instructions were distributed during a January event. If still needed, I can come to one of our meetings and do a quick visual training session. A lot of time is being spent emailing and calling participants to verify partners, also editing the Player Roster.


• Email sent out to Board from Tournament Committee on how to proceed with WHS and Golf Genius in 2020. (see email sent to Board dated 12/23/2019)

• Recommendations to RBC Chair (Kris) Leave the League’s RBC start date as Nov 15th. Debbie will look at handicaps after WHS has been implemented in January and do a handicap comparison based on the decision to start RBC’s in November.


  • In works. Goal: to add more separation in our major events (e.g. Club Championships, Robson Challenge, Give Back to the Community) Following Tournament Committee review, will distribute to Jacquie and Peg to ensure dates are good for next year’s General Meetings and for room reservations for Luncheons and/or Club gatherings after events. Chris Gould for Robson Challenge date as well. Will then meet with QCMGA to negotiate trade days. Must be ready to go by March so reservations can be made with QC Madera personnel.


  • The Tournament Committee made a recommendation to the Board to combine these two major tournaments. Recommendation was based on low attendance of both events. Combine the two tournaments as a 3-day event on Nov 5, 10, and 12. This event will be a Low Gross and Low Net Tournament. Overall Low Gross will be our Club Championship – overall Low Net will be our Presidents Cup Champion. Debbie and Bonny will be the coordinators. This event will be renamed by the Tournament Committee. A detailed plan will be developed. Update: Board approved recommendation. Communication will be sent out in Weekly News Blast. 2020Calendarupdatedtoreflectthischange. The scheduled 2-Day President’s Cup in February will be replaced with a “Player Appreciation Day” and new games.


  • No information to report at this time. Bonny is still waiting for forms from Sandi.


  • Open up discussion whether we should proceed in investigating a new web site that will meet the requirements of the QCLGA. Recommendation: Form a task team to evaluate and make a recommendation.

Debbie Riddell, Tournament Chair