The renewal process for 2021 memberships in the QCLGA begins October 26, 2020.

You will renew your membership in the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) at the same time. You must be a member of the AGA in order to be a member of the QCLGA. Among other benefits, the AGA membership allows you to maintain an 18-hole handicap through the GHIN system. A GHIN handicap is required in order to play in Ladies Golf Association events.

This year all QCLGA renewals, as well as new membership applications, must be made online through the AGA website ( All fees for both the AGA and QCLGA must be paid through the AGA website. A credit card is required.

To renew your membership, simply open the AGA website ( There is no need for a password to “log in”.

  • Just click on the JOIN tab in the upper right corner of the opening page. You will then be presented with a long list of AGA affiliated golf clubs. Be certain you choose the “Quail Creek CC Women”, as there are several other Quail Creek golf groups listed.
  • Now click on JOIN/RENEW and simply follow the instructions. You can enter your GHIN number to make it easier.
  • Fees are unchanged for 2021: QCLGA dues are $25.00, AGA annual dues are $35.00 however there is a $5 discount for renewals made by 12/31/2020. Total fees to renew, therefore, will be $55.00 before 12/31/20 and $60.00 after 1/1/2021.
  • You can click on RBCs, Southern District or both if you want to participate in either one (must be paid through this site) this is optional!
  • Enter your CC info, submit and you will receive a confirmation email!
  • Deadline for renewal is December 20, 2020 – don’t delay!