This is not a QCLGA club honor but rather a nationwide/international club recognition. The 2-Club is not limited to Quail Creek or QCLGA play days.

Any game you play, at any course, with any 2-Club member can qualify you for the 2-Club. All 2-Club members should be wearing or displaying the “official 2-Club Pin or Bag Tag” during the golf round in order to receive $1.00 from the other 2-Club members of the foursome.”

To become eligible to join the 2-Club, a player who scores a gross 2 on any hole (not just Par 3s) must pay $1 to all 2-Club members in her group and purchase a 2-Club Pin or Bag Tag. Once a 2-Club member, that player will receive $1 from the other 2-Club members she is playing with whenever she scores a gross 2 on any hole.

There is no list of members but like golf itself, it is based on the honor system.

Official 2-Club Pins and Bag Tags are available for purchase from the 2-Club representative, Elly Cashel, 541-610-8624 or