If you are participating in a QCLGA event that requires a holed score (Blind Nines, NET O.N.E.S., Low Gross, Low Net, etc.) and Qualifiers, all holes must be played and completed.

You must record your “Gross” score for each hole played and completed. Golf Genius will make the proper adjustments to your maximum score based on “Net Double Bogey” (par +2 + handicap strokes).

If for some reason you cannot finish your round, the holes not completed will be scored by the Tournament Committee as net par (par + any handicap strokes you would have received on that hole).


If you elect not to finish your hole because your partner has a better “holed” score, you can pick up and record your “Most Likely Score”. “Most Likely Score” can be within 5 feet (one stroke), 5-20 feet (two to three strokes), depending on position and difficulty. Not to exceed your “Net Double Bogey” (par + 2 + handicap strokes) limit. You must record this score with a clearly marked “X”, as the Tournament Committee will need to make the proper adjustments when scoring the event in Golf Genius.

If you have any questions, please contact the Handicap Chairperson shown under “About Us”; “Officers & Committee Members”. 


A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round and the game is played by holes. A hole is won by the side that holes the ball in the fewest amount of strokes. Throughout the match players will inevitably concede strokes to their opponent or will pick up because they have lost the hole. This is perfectly acceptable under the Rules of Golf as well as the rules laid out in the USGA Handicap System Manual. The topic gets a little more confusing when it comes to posting. Some players believe that since there were instances throughout the round where they didn’t hole out, they cannot post the score. This belief is incorrect. Choosing not to post these scores is not an option granted to players under the current rules. 

Rule 3 of the USGA Handicap System Manual defines the acceptability of scores and makes clear the instances in which players are required to post. Rule 2 makes clear that “scores in both match play and stroke play must be posted for handicap purposes”.  And goes on to say “this includes scores made in match play, in multi-ball, or in team competitions in which players have not completed one of more holes or in which players are requested to pick up when out of contention of a hole.” 

The procedures laid out in the World Handicap System must be followed by each club that issues USGA Handicap Indexes. The purpose of the system is to enable equitable play among all golfers. Equitable play can only occur when all clubs are following the same set of rules. Therefore, it is not permissible for any licensed club to modify the rules laid out in the USGA Handicap System Manual. Get those scores posted and if your committee feels that a particular event is significant in the traditions of the club, not only does it need to be posted, it should be posted as a Tournament Score. 

If you have questions feel free to contact Erin Groeneveld at 800-458-8484 or at 


Members of the Quail Creek Ladies’ Golf Association must post scores in the QC Pro Shop, online at or at for all rounds completed other than QCLGA sanctioned league events. The Tournament Committee will post those adjusted gross scores via Golf Genius, our QCLGA Tournament Management System. Directions for posting are on the QCLGA website. There is no inactive season for QC so all scores on all golf courses should be posted for peer review to ensure the accuracy of handicaps. 

Players’ responsibilities include knowledge of their handicap for the course being played, and adjusting a gross score for handicap purposes before posting. 

Posting for a casual round of golf should be done using “H” for Home if played at QC or “A” for Away if played at another course. Posting a tournament score should always be done with a “T” unless otherwise notified. 

Under the USGA handicap system, it is the Handicap Committee’s responsibility to ensure that all acceptable scores for handicap purposes are posted and available for peer review. The Handicap Committee has the responsibility to post any unposted scores or incorrectly posted scores. It may adjust handicaps for any unposted scores. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Handicap Chairperson shown under “About Us”; “Officers & Committee Members”.