• All Holes-In-One (HIO) for the HIO Club must be at Quail Creek during league play day and must be witnessed by at least one other player. 
  • The HIO club will be active for the calendar year.
  • The HIO Club is optional.
  • Cost is $5.00 for each QCLGA member.
  • QCLGA members who wish to participate must pay by the beginning of the calendar year. 
  • Payment to be made by check in the amount of $5.00 payable to the “QCLGA”.  Place your check in the drawer in the Pro Shop. NO cash shall be placed in the drawer.
  • Members can check the website under “MEMBERSHIP” to validate HIO membership.  All HIOs will be celebrated at the annual Holiday Luncheon.


When a QCLGA Member makes a HIO, she must notify the HIO Coordinator of the HIO Club with the following information:

  • Date of HIO,
  • Course and Hole, Distance, and
  • Club used.

The HIO Coordinator will notify the QCLGA President, Publicity Coordinator, Web Chairperson and Awards Coordinator of the member’s HIO detailed information.

Publicity Coordinator responsibilities:

  • Arrange a time/date to take a photo and submit information to the Web Chairperson.
  • Submit information to AGA and an article containing details and photo for the Quail Crossing.
  • Arrange for the HIO certificate to be given to the member.

President’s responsibilities:

  •  Send out a “Special News Blast” to members with the following:
  • Member’s name and picture (if available).
  • The date, course and hole, distance and club used (if available).
  • Present certificate to member as soon as received.
  • Recognize member at the annual Holiday Luncheon.

Awards Coordinator ‘s responsibilities:

Have a name plate engraved and placed on the HIO plaque in the Pro shop.

Web Chairperson ‘s responsibilities:

Post the picture and HIO detailed information on the QCLGA website.