All holes-in-one for the Hole-In-One Club (HIO) must be at Quail Creek (on any day of the week) and must be witnessed by at least one other player.

A new “Club” is started the day of the Hole-In-One. HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB PAYMENT
Cost is $5.00 for each Club member.

Members may pay at any time. Payment is to be made by check in the amount of $5.00 PAYABLE TO CHERYL COLLYER. You may give your check to Cheryl directly or, place your check in the drawer in the Pro Shop. NO cash shall be placed in the drawer. Member is to check with the co-chair if unsure they are on the list.


Each time a Club Member makes a HIO, she will notify the HIO coordinator(s) and identify the witness/witnesses. Additionally, provide the date, hole, distance, and club used.

The Coordinator will then give an updated list of members to the manager of the Grill and purchase a gift card with the money collected. This must be done within 2 days of the HIO.

The Coordinator will notify the QCLGA President, Publicity Coordinator, and Awards Coordinator of the member’s HIO with the following information: Name of member, information of HIO e.g. hole, club, distance.

Dates when members can enjoy their $5 drink.
After the one (1) week period the Coordinator will retrieve the gift card and give the card to the member (the balance is considered the winnings.)

The Publicity Coordinator will do the following:

  1. Arrange a time/date to take a photo and submit information to the Web Master
  2. Submit information to AGA and an article containing details and photo for the Quail Crossing.
  3. Arrange for certificate to be given to the member
  4. The President will send a “Special News Blast” to members with the following: Member’s name and picture (if available)
  5. Member’s name and picture (if available)
  6. The date, hole, distance and club used (if available)
  7. The start and end date of obtaining the $5 drink
  8. Present certificate to member as soon as received
  9. The Awards Coordinator will have a name plate engraved and placed on the HIO plaque in the Pro shop.
  10. The Web Master will post the picture and HIO information on the QCLGA website


All HIO members: one free drink (valued at no more than $5.00) per Club Member is available for one (1) week period after the HIO is announced. Again, the start and end date will be sent via a “Special News Blast”. Members are responsible for any additional drink charges above the $5. Hint: drinks are less during Happy Hour!

If more than one member has a HIO on the same day, Club Members are entitled to ONLY one $5.00 drink.

If more than one member has a HIO on the same day, the remaining money will be divided equally between the members with the HIO.

A HIO achieved by a QCLGA player who is not in the HIO Club will be recognized for her achievement in the same fashion as a member who’s in the HIO Club without the “free drink” aspect.

A HIO achieved by a QCLGA member not at QC will be acknowledged by announcement in the weekly News Blast and posted on the QCLGA website.

HIO awards will be celebrated at the Holiday Luncheon.