• For general information, please contact Dena Knox or Susan McCune.
  • For membership applications or fees, please contact Ronnee Epstein, Beth Davis or Marie Cook.
  • For all tournament information contact Debbie Riddell.
  • If you’d like a friendly sit down chit-chat about membership in the QCLGA contact Ronnee Epstein or Beth Davis.
  • If you need help navigating the Website, please contact Cheryl Opsal.

Dena Knox, President,  206-931-7432
Susan McCune, Vice-President,  816-237-9029
Jacquie Owens, Past President,  303-913-1177
Lucille Carroll, Secretary,  303-666-6806
Marie Cook, Treasurer,  408-839-8953
Debbie Riddell, Tournament Chair,  520-343-8412
Jan Delcour, Handicap Chair,  520-205-0133
Ronnee Epstein, Membership,  520-269-7023
Cheryl Opsal, Website,  520-398-4263
Chris Olson, 2 Club, 509-679-1315